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Norwegian Board of Technology

The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent body for technology assessment established by the Norwegian Government in 1999, following an initiative by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget).

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28. jan 2016

The welfare state of the future

12. jun 2017

The digital shift could make the welfare state personalised and predictive, and you will have to do more yourself. Read more in our report: This time it's personal.

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International Corner: Fall-Winter 2016/2017

13. mar 2017

Get some of the latest news from our European partners here.

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International Corner

30. jun 2016

Welcome to the first International Corner – a collection of news from European parliamentary Technology Assessment organisations.

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The sharing economy

5. des 2015

Green entrepreneurial boom or precariat?

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The Police – not online with the public?

8. aug 2014

- At any given time, four out of five Norwegians carry a smartphone with a camera and GPS. By taking advantage of this fact, the police could benefit from shorter response times, improved situational awareness, and closer contact with the public, says Tore Tennøe, director of Teknologirådet.

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Post-fossil Norway

28. mai 2014

“What is required for Norway to have competitive, export oriented and high tech businesses outside of the oil and gas cluster in 2030?” This is the issue at hand for the Norwegian Board of Technology’s (NBT) newly initiated project.

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Big Society

9. mai 2014

The EU’s latest Framework Programme for research and innovation kicked off in 2014 with a new name, Horizon 2020, and its biggest ever budget. Over the next seven years, nearly 80 billion euros (plus further private investment) will be spent on collaborative projects across Europe.

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International cooperation on technology assessment

7. mar 2014

Parliaments across Europe face the same choices and questions concerning important technological issues, and the potential for cooperation and learning across borders is great.

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Drones in the Arctic

11. okt 2013

– Drones will be able to scan huge maritime areas during harsh weather conditions without risking the lives of a rescue team, and could be an important asset in rescue operations in the Arctic, says Åke Refsdal Moe, Project Manager in the Norwegian Board of Technology.

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The Health Effect

22. mai 2013

Over the last years, our government has implemented many of the Norwegian Board of Technology’s suggestions for renewing health care policy.

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Finding nano

18. nov 2012

Can public cynicism about food technology be overcome?

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Smarter tools better schools

19. okt 2012

Smart digital teaching resources may free teachers’ time for lecturing and adaptive learning, and reduce time spent on correcting and bureaucracy

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Summary of the evaluation of the Norwegian Board of Technology

18. mar 2012

In 2012, the Norwegian Board of Technology was evaluated - with good results

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More care with better technology

4. feb 2009

Technology may provide security for people of old age, and make warm hands available to care for the elderly.

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European Report: Energy Transition in Europe

8. nov 2006

A new EPTA report presents the current energy mix and different policies to transform energy systems in 14 European countries and regions.

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Contact information

1. sep 2015

The solar revolution and what it can mean for Norway

11. mai 2017

Ten years ago, solar power represented an almost insignificant share of global power generation. Today solar power is the fastest growing form of electricity generation.

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Artificial intelligence: Clever or frightening?

8. feb 2017

The computer systems we design may one day become too intelligent for our own good. But they can also improve our lives.

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Driverless cars – need for political action?

3. mai 2016

In 2004, the American Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) held its first challenge to make an autonomous vehicle. None of the participants managed to solve the problem. Today, Google’s self-driving vehicles have logged about 2.5 million kilometres and cars with autopilot functions are already on the market.

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Can technology fill the care gap?

6. feb 2015

Telehealth, robots and ICT may be able to help Europe’s increasing number of senior citizens.

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Can the mobile phone serve to improve public health service?

4. jul 2014

Norway’s population is ageing, and increasing numbers of people are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. Sensors and mobile apps may bring upon new, reasonable and manageable ways to track and monitor ones health condition – and connect and communicate with the public health service.

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Technologies that might change Europe

21. mai 2014

German energy policy, French digital risk and nanotechnology in the USA were among the many important issues being discussed when international technology experts met in Ålesund in April.

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Will we need geoengineering to save the world?

9. mai 2014

Despite numerous international climate conferences, agreements, protocols and treaties, we are not managing to reduce global carbon emissions or stall climate change. Is geoengineering the answer?

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Big Data

25. okt 2013

Locating crime spots, or the next outbreak of a contagious disease, Big Data promises benefits for society as well as business.

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Made in Norway?

7. aug 2013

Advanced manufacturing technology could revolutionize industrial production in Norway.

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Smart policing

14. mai 2013

Following the dramatic and tragic events of July 22 2011, the Norwegian Police Force is foreseen to undergo significant changes, both with regard to its emergency response capabilities and its predictive capacity

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Citizen summits on privacy

15. nov 2012

Are European citizens willing to share more personal information in order to increase security?

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Norwegian salmon farming at a crossroad

19. okt 2012

Norway has reached a point where a more expansive and creative approach is necessary to future-proof Norwegian salmon farming

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ICT and privacy in Europe

1. jan 2011

Experiences from technology assessment of ICT and Privacy in seven different European countries

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The Carbon Footprint of Food

12. aug 2008

The global livestock industry emits more green house gases (GHG) than all forms of transport.

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The Policy Challenges of Electronic Privacy

6. nov 2006

European citizens leave ever increasing quantities of electronic footprints. A report from EPTA points out how policy makers can address the new challenges to privacy.

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The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent body for technology assessment established by the Norwegian Government in 1999, following an initiative by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget).

28. aug 2013

Scenarios for the future of health and care in Norway 2030

16. mar 2017

Making a sustainable health and care sector in the future will be an important task for policy-makers worldwide. We have made three scenarios which address both possibilities and challenges.

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CRISPR: Five New Debates on Genetic Engineering

1. jul 2016

CRISPR is a recently developed method for making targeted changes in the genetic material DNA. It functions as a pair of “genetic scissors”, which can remove, replace or add specific segments of DNA in humans, animals and plants.

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How should we govern the algorithms that shape our lives?

18. mar 2016

With the advent of big data, algorithmic systems are poised to influence ever-larger portions of human activity.

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Productivity in Europe and the United States

17. nov 2014

A new EPTA report explores technology trends and productivity policies in 15 countries.

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Intimate technology

28. mai 2014

In Spike Jonze’s new movie «Her», the main character falls in love with an operating system. Are we letting technology become too intimate?

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Focus groups

9. mai 2014

Policy makers need to know what people think about certain topics and why. This important information can be revealed through open discussions in a focus group.

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Scenarios for elderly care in 2025

23. apr 2014

The proportion of elderly in society is continually increasing, and in few years we will not have enough people in the workforce to cover the need for health- and care-services. Welfare technology can be an important part of the solution.

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Seminar on Digital Diplomacy

15. okt 2013

Are international relations being revolutionised by social media? - Four prominent panelists will help us distinguish hype from reality and what is genuinely new from old problems in new trappings

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Take-off for civilian drones

19. jun 2013

A drone is an unmanned aircraft, with its flight being controlled either by operators on the ground or by the drone’s in-flight computer.

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A doctor’s office in your pocket

18. jan 2013

Are health apps your new doctor?

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Launch of TA Portal

25. okt 2012

The PACITA project presents an innovative web platform providing comprehensive access to resources in technology assessment (TA).

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SynBio – Preparing for the next wave

30. mar 2012

Synthetic biology might be the next wave of biotechnology. How should public authorities prepare for possible breakthroughs?

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Historic citizen consultation on climate issues

16. okt 2010

On September 26, 2009, World Wide Views on Global Warming organized the first-ever, globe-encompassing democratic deliberation in world history.

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Energy Transition in Europe

8. nov 2007

In 2007, EPTA presented the energy mix and different policies to transform energy systems in 14 European countries and regions.

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