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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The welfare state of the future

12. jun 2017

The digital shift could make the welfare state personalised and predictive, and you will have to do more yourself. Read more in our report: This time it's personal.

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How should we govern the algorithms that shape our lives?

18. mar 2016

With the advent of big data, algorithmic systems are poised to influence ever-larger portions of human activity.

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Artificial intelligence: Clever or frightening?

8. feb 2017

The computer systems we design may one day become too intelligent for our own good. But they can also improve our lives.

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Driverless cars – need for political action?

3. mai 2016

In 2004, the American Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) held its first challenge to make an autonomous vehicle. None of the participants managed to solve the problem. Today, Google’s self-driving vehicles have logged about 2.5 million kilometres and cars with autopilot functions are already on the market.

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