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Citizen summits on privacy

Artikkelen tilhører Internet, security and privacy, postet 15. nov 2012

Marianne Barland

Marianne Barland

Are European citizens willing to share more personal information in order to increase security?

The Norwegian Board of Technology’s new project on privacy aims to map out European citizens’ attitudes towards surveillance and privacy.

SURPRISE is an EU-funded project seeking to explore the increasingly complex relationship between security and privacy. Investments in security technology are rising throughout Europe, something that may challenge the privacy of European citizens. Cultural and social factors in the different countries affect how people relate to increasing surveillance and personal privacy. By mapping out security challenges and how these are solved in different countries, the project will provide an extensive overview of the situation in Europe.

SURPRISE will also provide European citizens with the possibility to say something about the topic, through organizing international summits in nine different countries, including Norway. Participants at the international summits will answer questions and discuss various issues before they vote on alternative courses of action. By discussing the same issues in different countries, one can clearly see how the cultural and social factors come into play and shape people’s views on security and privacy.

The project was launched in February 2012 and will last for three years.
Read more on the project’s homepage.


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