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Health and biotechnology

Scenarios for the future of health and care in Norway 2030

16. mar 2017

Making a sustainable health and care sector in the future will be an important task for policy-makers worldwide. We have made three scenarios which address both possibilities and challenges.

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Can the mobile phone serve to improve public health service?

4. jul 2014

Norway’s population is ageing, and increasing numbers of people are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. Sensors and mobile apps may bring upon new, reasonable and manageable ways to track and monitor ones health condition – and connect and communicate with the public health service.

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A doctor’s office in your pocket

18. jan 2013

Are health apps your new doctor?

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More care with better technology

4. feb 2009

Technology may provide security for people of old age, and make warm hands available to care for the elderly.

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CRISPR: Five New Debates on Genetic Engineering

1. jul 2016

CRISPR is a recently developed method for making targeted changes in the genetic material DNA. It functions as a pair of “genetic scissors”, which can remove, replace or add specific segments of DNA in humans, animals and plants.

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Scenarios for elderly care in 2025

23. apr 2014

The proportion of elderly in society is continually increasing, and in few years we will not have enough people in the workforce to cover the need for health- and care-services. Welfare technology can be an important part of the solution.

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Finding nano

18. nov 2012

Can public cynicism about food technology be overcome?

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Can technology fill the care gap?

6. feb 2015

Telehealth, robots and ICT may be able to help Europe’s increasing number of senior citizens.

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The Health Effect

22. mai 2013

Over the last years, our government has implemented many of the Norwegian Board of Technology’s suggestions for renewing health care policy.

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SynBio – Preparing for the next wave

30. mar 2012

Synthetic biology might be the next wave of biotechnology. How should public authorities prepare for possible breakthroughs?

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