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Internet, security and privacy

How should we govern the algorithms that shape our lives?

18. mar 2016

With the advent of big data, algorithmic systems are poised to influence ever-larger portions of human activity.

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Intimate technology

28. mai 2014

In Spike Jonze’s new movie «Her», the main character falls in love with an operating system. Are we letting technology become too intimate?

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Drones in the Arctic

11. okt 2013

– Drones will be able to scan huge maritime areas during harsh weather conditions without risking the lives of a rescue team, and could be an important asset in rescue operations in the Arctic, says Åke Refsdal Moe, Project Manager in the Norwegian Board of Technology.

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Citizen summits on privacy

15. nov 2012

Are European citizens willing to share more personal information in order to increase security?

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The Policy Challenges of Electronic Privacy

6. nov 2006

European citizens leave ever increasing quantities of electronic footprints. A report from EPTA points out how policy makers can address the new challenges to privacy.

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The sharing economy

5. des 2015

Green entrepreneurial boom or precariat?

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Big Data

25. okt 2013

Locating crime spots, or the next outbreak of a contagious disease, Big Data promises benefits for society as well as business.

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Take-off for civilian drones

19. jun 2013

A drone is an unmanned aircraft, with its flight being controlled either by operators on the ground or by the drone’s in-flight computer.

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Smarter tools better schools

19. okt 2012

Smart digital teaching resources may free teachers’ time for lecturing and adaptive learning, and reduce time spent on correcting and bureaucracy

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The Police – not online with the public?

8. aug 2014

- At any given time, four out of five Norwegians carry a smartphone with a camera and GPS. By taking advantage of this fact, the police could benefit from shorter response times, improved situational awareness, and closer contact with the public, says Tore Tennøe, director of Teknologirådet.

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Seminar on Digital Diplomacy

15. okt 2013

Are international relations being revolutionised by social media? - Four prominent panelists will help us distinguish hype from reality and what is genuinely new from old problems in new trappings

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Smart policing

14. mai 2013

Following the dramatic and tragic events of July 22 2011, the Norwegian Police Force is foreseen to undergo significant changes, both with regard to its emergency response capabilities and its predictive capacity

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ICT and privacy in Europe

1. jan 2011

Experiences from technology assessment of ICT and Privacy in seven different European countries

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