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Tore Tennøe

Tore Tennøe

Download our publications available in English.


DOWNLOAD EPTA report: The future of labour in the digital era – Norway
DOWNLOAD EPTA report: The Future of Labour in the Digital Era.
Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Platforms, and Real-time Production
DOWNLOAD Mobile self tests


DOWNLOAD Mobile Health for Chronic Illness
Download Predictive policing – Can data analysis help the police to be in the right place at the right time?
Download Online with the public – How smartphones and social media are creating new opportunities for the Norwegian police
DOWNLOAD EPTA Report: Innovation and Climate Change


DOWNLOAD Made in Norway? How Robots, 3D-printers and Digitalisation Bring New Opportunities for Norwegian Industry
DOWNLOAD Productivity in Europe and the United States – Technology Trends and Policy Measures
DOWNLOAD The future of ageing. Policy report on technology, innovation and organisation in European health care
DOWNLOAD The Future of Ageing – Report from Scenario Workshop in Norway (PACITA project)


DOWNLOAD Security Decisions – Introduction to DESSI
DOWNLOAD Parliamentary Technology Assessment in Europe: An overview of 17 institutions and how they work



DOWNLOAD Routes to sustainable transport



DOWNLOAD Genetically modified plants and foods. Challenges and future issues in Europe.
DOWNLOAD Policy Report: World Wide Views on Global Warming
DOWNLOAD OECD report: Focus on Citizens



DOWNLOAD ICT and Privacy in Europe
DOWNLOAD The Carbon Footprint of Food



DOWNLOAD Privacy and Security: Overview of Security Technologies




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Technologies that might change Europe

German energy policy, French digital risk and nanotechnology in the USA were among the many important issues being discussed when international technology experts met in Ålesund in April.

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Focus groups

Policy makers need to know what people think about certain topics and why. This important information can be revealed through open discussions in a focus group.

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