RELINK is a research project that aims to develop frameworks, tools, and scenarios that can address current and future risk and safety issues related to Internet of Things (IoT) in connected homes and households.

Digitalization, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) have turned the home into a ‘hub’ for digital activities and services. Citizens are given a large responsibility for digital maintenance, security routines and for building the competence required to evaluate and handle various security- and privacy risks. But digital risk evaluation and management is a complex matter and, contrary to what is the case in other institutions of society, there is a lack of good tools and resources that can support households in such tasks. Households today can therefore be considered the ‘weak link’ in the digital chain. The RELINK project will build knowledge about digital vulnerabilities in households and develop tools that can support households in making every day digital risk evaluations. The ambition is to contribute to a future where households are ‘re-linked’ and where vulnerabilities in the digital chain are reduced.

The Norwegian Board of Technology will develop scenarios of secure and privacy aware household technology futures, using narratives and fictional elements that encourage citizen and cross-sector reflection on matters concerning the future of the connected household. The scenarios will be developed using input from both experts as well as citizens. Furthermore, the scenarios will be discussed by stakeholders, that will help formulate political advice.

The RELINK project is headed by Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), Oslo Metropolitan University and is a research cooperation between:

  • Six partner institutions: SIFO & Department of Computer Science, Oslo Metropolitan University; The Norwegian Board of Technology; University of Aegean; University of Bristol and Rathenau Institute (engaging 15 people, including two Ph.D.’s).
  • Two collaborative projects: GHOST (involving NTNU/CCIS) and PETRAS IoT Hub (led by UCL) and
  • A panel of 13 experts/stakeholders strategically recruited from relevant government and business sectors in the Norwegian context

The RELINK project also has an advisory board of six representatives from different national and international academic institutions (informatics, design, social science, and cybersecurity) as well as the European Commission.

More information on the project can be found here:

The RELINK project lasts from 2019 to 2023


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