The Norwegian Board of Technology is appointed by the King at Government Council for up to four years at a time, with access to reappointment once. The appointment is done on a free basis, and interested parties can make suggestions. The members have broad insight into current technologies, innovation and societal issues. The current board was appointed on November 15th 2020, and meets five times a year.


Members of the Board

Sverre Gotaas (chair), Herøya Industripark AS

Marit Aursand, SINTEF

Morten Breivik, NTNU

Helene Fladmark, Eyde Cluster

Reidun Høllesli, Orkla IT

Håvard Haarstad, UiB

Anne Ingeborg Myhr, UiT

Damoun Nassehi, Sokndal legekontor

Bjørn Kjærand Haugland, Skift Norge

Siri Vasshaug, Nordland fylkeskommune

Kari Forthun, Compact Carbon Capture AS

Tanja Storsul, Institutt for samfunnsforskning

Aris Kaloudis, NTNU

Kristin Vinje, Nokut (Nasjonalt organ for kvalitet i utdanningen)

Anne Cathrin Østebø, Validé UiS