More than 1,000 citizens met during the winter 2015-2016 at national vision workshops where they expressed their dreams for a sustainable and desirable future. Hereafter a variety of actors including citizens, stakeholders, experts and the project partners translated these visions into 23 suggestions for Horizon 2020 topics along with policy recommendations. The results were afterwards validated, enriched and prioritised by more than 3,400 people consulted online.





In short, CIMULACT has demonstrated that:

  • Citizen’s visions, needs and concerns can be collected in a format that can easily be transformed into research and policy recommendations.
  • It is feasible to open up science and enhance mutual understanding and collaboration between policy makers, researchers and citizens.
  • Citizens are capable of producing concrete and unique input to EU’s research and innovation agenda.
  • Citizens based research and policy recommendations are visionary and innovative while being closely linked to societal needs and concerns.
  • Up-stream engagement of citizens in research and policy agenda settings contributes to capacity building, thereby enhancing responsible research and innovation (RRI).

CIMULACT was a three-year project funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement number 665948, starting June 2015 and ending March 2018.


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