The 2018 EPTA report looks at the opportunities and challenges of moving towards a digital democracy. Specifically, the topics revolve around the rapidly emerging technologies of artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and blockchain technologies. These new technologies have the potential to substantially change the conditions of political communication and democratic practice.


EPTA (2018) Towards a digital democracy – Opportunities and challenges


The report assesses issues relating to the current legislation on new or emerging technologies within countries, interactions between the technologies, the current societal and political debate, and experiences and future outlook. 17 countries, including USA, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Sweden, give reports on where they currently stand on these matters.


About EPTA

  • The European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) advises parliaments on the possible social, economic and environmental impact of new sciences and technologies. The EPTA council and its associates consists of 22 national organizations working with technology assessments. The council aims to provide impartial and high-quality accounts and reports of developments in issues such as biotechnology, public health, environment, ICTs, and R&D policy.


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