The Metaverse is the vision of a sensory and immersive virtual universe that will connect social media, games and 3D graphics. Tech companies invest heavily in technology such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Rather than simply scrolling through apps and web pages, the metaverse will let people experience the internet in a far more immersive way.

“The next generation internet can become more addictive, interactive and limitless compared to the internet we know today”, says Tore Tennøe, director at the Norwegian board of Technology.

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The metaverse and human rights


This report is the result of a collaboration between the Norwegian Board of Technology and the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution (NIM). Both agencies are tasked with advising the Norwegian parliament (Storting) and other authorities, as well as providing information to the general public.

Our shared ambition is to identify what the Metaverse is and what it may become, as well as what this could entail for people, society, politics and human rights. Technology develops at the speed of light, yet policies continue to lag behind. Although it remains uncertain what shape the Metaverse will take tomorrow, its potential implications for human rights should be discussed today.

“We hope that this report will stimulate discussions about the next generation of the internet and human rights in a virtual reality”, says Tennøe.

This report consists of three parts:

  1. The Metaverse vision
  2. The building blocks of the Metaverse
  3. Human rights in the Metaverse



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