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28. jan 2016

International Corner: Fall-Winter 2016/2017

13. mar 2017

Get some of the latest news from our European partners here.

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Focus groups

9. mai 2014

Policy makers need to know what people think about certain topics and why. This important information can be revealed through open discussions in a focus group.

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Summary of the evaluation of the Norwegian Board of Technology

18. mar 2012

In 2012, the Norwegian Board of Technology was evaluated - with good results

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Contact information

1. sep 2015

International Corner

30. jun 2016

Welcome to the first International Corner – a collection of news from European parliamentary Technology Assessment organisations.

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International cooperation on technology assessment

7. mar 2014

Parliaments across Europe face the same choices and questions concerning important technological issues, and the potential for cooperation and learning across borders is great.

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The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent body for technology assessment established by the Norwegian Government in 1999, following an initiative by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget).

28. aug 2013

Technologies that might change Europe

21. mai 2014

German energy policy, French digital risk and nanotechnology in the USA were among the many important issues being discussed when international technology experts met in Ålesund in April.

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Launch of TA Portal

25. okt 2012

The PACITA project presents an innovative web platform providing comprehensive access to resources in technology assessment (TA).

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