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Energy Transition in Europe

Artikkelen tilhører Climate, environment and energy, postet 8. nov 2007

Tore Tennøe

Tore Tennøe

In 2007, EPTA presented the energy mix and different policies to transform energy systems in 14 European countries and regions.

Climate change and increasing energy demand have made the transition to new energy systems a major challenge for Europe. Countries and regions aim to reduce emissions of CO2 and other climate gases, to increase production of energy from renewable and other sources, and to improve security of supply. The report «Energy transition in Europe» brings an overview of current status and various policy strategies for transforming European energy systems.

Joint project

The report is the result of a joint project of 14 members of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA). The presentations share a common structure, while at the same time allowing for a focus on country-specific issues:

  • Present status: what are the main energy sources, and what is the relative contribution from renewable energy?
  • Renewables: which renewable sources are used for energy production, and what are the political strategies for the future?
  • Clean fossil fuels: is there current or planned activity to capture and store carbon from coal and gas in environmentally safe ways?
  • Nuclear energy: is it important for electricity supply, and what are the future prospects within each country?


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